Spa Flops For The Holidays! #HolidayGiftGuide




Hey Ladies!

How many times have you gone out to get the perfect pedicure and manage to ruin it the second you get out of the salon because of the shoes or flip flops you are wearing? Well have I got the gift idea for you that will put an end to that and help you keep your pedicure looking fabulous until it’s dry. They are called Spa Flops and they are a very creative shoe you were while you’re getting your pedicure. Each Spa Flop comes with a free Spa Flops shoe bag as well! Carry your Spa Flops to the nail salon in your shoe bag. After your pedicure, put on your Spa Flops, toss in your shoes and go!

How Spa Flops work:

1) Place Spa Flops on your feet just before your nail polish application


2) Place spacers (or paper towel separators) through toes.

3) Polish & Go!


Spa Flops Pedicure Shoes Features:

  • Lightweight: Spa Flops are as lightweight as flip flops, weighing only a few ounces, while keeping your legs and feet warm!
  • Comfortable: Spa Flops contain thick 100% EVA foam soles. They’re so comfortable, you may not want to take them off!
  • Warm: Spa Flops are made of cotton-nylon blend (Sock: 80% Cotton; 17% Nylon; 3% Elastane). Not only do they insulate your legs and feet from the cold, but they can stretch to fit any leg shape.
  • Exposed Toes: Allows your nail polish to dry while the rest of your legs and feet stay warm!
  • Travel Shoe Bag Included: Each Spa Flops pair comes with a carrying bag for the woman on-the-go!

How awesome are these? They would make a great stocking stuffer for moms or for anyone who loves to get themselves a pedicure. Even when you’re doing your own pedicure at home, you can put these on before you do it in order to let your polish dry and still walk where ever you need to.


They are perfect for the woman on the go! Slip them in a stocking or under the tree this holiday season as they would make a unique and handy gift to give this year.


Be sure to snag your Spa Flops for that special someone in your life this holiday season! They only cost $19.95 plus shipping and handling on

They will definitely thank you for it this holiday season!


I solely received these products to feature. All opinions are my own.