Spirited Prints That Fit My Style, Design and Décor!

home sweet home

Hey All!

I’m sure you all know by now, everything in my life is very Brite & Bubbly including my home decor. I like to have everything that embodies my personality, creativity and style. This even includes the paper towels I use to clean with. Luckily I have some fabulous Sparkle® Spirited Print Design paper towels that embody just right style for me.

As you can see my home is very bright and colorful, even down to our home sweet home sign that you see above.


Sparkle® paper towels come in a variety of colorful new prints that fit my style perfectly. I love that I can still keep my colorful style even in my paper towels.


Who says cleaning can’t be a colorful fun time?! Paper towels are a common item within the household that has many uses, but at the end of the day, they usually all look the same. Not the Sparkle® Spirited Prints, though! It’s time to let your creativity and personality shine through by featuring a product you use everyday.

Sparkle® Spirited Prints designs are brand new.  The brand and towels are not new, just the designs! These are a few of the fun designs below. From the top left to right the designs are called Quirky, Bikes (blue/green), Bikes (orange/pink), and Butterflies (orange/pink). My favorite is the Quirky design since it totally fits my personality.  I always say I’m quirky with my style and anything that has a pink and bubbly looking design is so for me.

sparkle paper

I love that the design truly fits my personality and allows me to express myself. It’s a perfect match for style and décor. I love to see the colors popping out in my kitchen on my white paper towel holder. I also love to see the cute pink color on my paper towel as I clean.

sparkle clean

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep with your style and personality in every aspect of your home and life. I’m very Brite & Bubbly and that’s the lifestyle that I love to maintain in every way.

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You can check out more about the fun Sparkle® Spirited Prints Designs Here.


You don’t wear the same thing every day. Why should your home? See all 17 Sparkle® Spirited Prints designs at http://www.sparkletowels.com/products/spirited-prints.

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