Sprint Drive For The Holidays!

Hey All!

If you’re looking for a great service to gift someone this holiday season, then look no further than Sprint Drive! It’s the perfect gift to give to a mom of a teen with a new car, a grandma who you want to keep track of on the road, or someone who just wants something to keep track and maintain their vehicle. Sprint Drive instantly makes any vehicle connected, safer and smarter. The Sprint Drive device plugs into the OBD-II port of a vehicle and has a corresponding mobile application. It instantly enables media connectivity, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics and real-time analytics. It does a lot of amazing things to make keeping track of your vehicle so much easier. I was lucky to be gifted one of these for the holidays and I just had to tell you why it would make a great gift idea!

The device is compatible with most US passenger vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later. It’s app works with iPhones with iOS 10.0 or later- iPhone 6 or more recent hardware and Smartphones with Android version 6.0 or later.

It gives real time vehicle location information. You can gain a peace of mind knowing where your car is at all times. If you gift this to your elderly Grandma or put this in your teens first car, you can keep an eye on young and elderly drivers in real time. You can even see the locations where there are going in real time. It also provides a history of your vehicle locations and driver behavior. You’ll even get notifications when a driver crosses geo-boundaries, or if a car is operated outside of curfew hours. You can make sure your teen isn’t breaking the rules with his car privileges with Sprint Drive. It’s the perfect device for moms!

You can also get repair advice for your vehicle through the Sprint Drive Mechanic Hotline. It is available for repair advice, cost estimation, and shop locators. You can even get roadside help when you need it with Sprint Drive. It comes with 24/7 Roadside Assistance available in all 50 states!

My favorite feature of the sprint drive is it also acts as a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot in your car. It can connect up to 8 devices while you’re on the road. It’s perfect for keeping kids entertained on those holiday road trips.

It’s very easy to set up in your car and it comes with a handy quick start guide. Sprint Drive can be purchased for a $120.00 as a one-time charge; or can be charged in installments of $5.00 per month for 24 months.
The monthly service charge is dependent on level of the service plan: $15.00/mo. for 2GB Hotspot ($10.00 if customer has auto-pay discount) or $30.00/mo. for unlimited Hotspot ($25.00 if customer has auto-pay discount). It’s a steal and very reasonably priced for all the services you get with it!

I highly recommend Sprint Drive as a great gift for the holidays! It’s surely a gift that will keep on giving well after the holidays end!

Sprint Drive can be purchased at a Sprint store, authorized outlet or online on the Sprint Website.

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