Summertime Scents & Events!

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Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond excited that summertime is here! I was counting the days until summer officially started. Summer is in full effect now and I’m thrilled that the flowers are blooming, the fresh fruit is out, and the sun is shining. I’m always inspired this time of year to decorate and host a bunch of cocktail parties. When I’m hosting a summertime party, I like to make sure my home smells like the scents of summer. I use a Glade® 3- Wick Candle to do this. I love the Apple Cinnamon scent in particular and I got mine at Walmart.

We love to have fruity scents around our home during summergtime. These scents set the mood of our home and definitely inspire that summer feeling!

You simply light each of the wicks to quickly fill a room with fragrance infused with essential oils.

This amazing candle’s scent has notes of crisp McIntosh apples, chilled cider, juicy berries and cinnamon. It goes perfectly with the fruity themed mimosa bar I serve my guests during our summer cocktail parties. Who doesn’t love a tasty fruity mimosa? I know I do! I decorate my mimosa bar with fruit and flowers to add to that summertime feel.

While we sip our mimosas, the Glade® 3-Wick Candle in the Apple Cinnamon scent really helps awaken our senses with fragrance infused with essential oils! It truly fills our rooms with an amazing long-lasting scent! It actually fills our whole apartment and not just one room. I know our party guests truly enjoy the scent of this candle as soon as they walk through the door. I’m always getting asked, “What’s that amazing smell?” I’m always happy to say it’s our Glade® 3-Wick Candle!

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring the scents of summer or fruity scents into your home, I highly recommend you get your hands on some Glade® 3-Wick Candles from Walmart!

You can check out all the awesome scents they come in and buy them on the Walmart Website!

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like this one who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!