The DC Universe Comes To The Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood!

WB Water Tower

Hey All!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the media day preview for the newest star attraction from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood and DC Entertainment on the Warner Bros. lot called DC Universe: The Exhibit. It features authentic props and costumes from DC’s greatest Superheroes and Super-Villains brought to the big screen. You get a behind the scenes and up close look at some of your favorite DC superhero movie props. You also get a preview of what you’ll see from the highly anticipated summer film “Suicide Squad” two months prior to the film’s debut in theaters. It’s pretty awesome folks and I was thrilled to check it out. Obviously…I’m a big nerd!

WB Studio Tour Carpet

When you enter the exhibit, you’re greeted with some first addition comics for each character of the justice league.

WB Studio Tour DC

You then get to see sets, props, and costumes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The full Wayne crypt was on display with the costume of the young Bruce Wayne.

Batman vs Superman Set

That scary nightmare bat man from Bruce’s dream also makes an appearance.

Batman vs Superman Costume 3

You get to see Superman’s costume up close and…

Superman Costume

The one and only Wonder Woman. She was honestly one of the best parts of Batman v Superman. Here costume is so fabulous when you see it up close.

Wonder Woman Costume

They have both Batman costumes on display…

Batman vs Superman Costume 1

Batman vs Superman Costume 2

And some of his weapons in which he creates to defeat Superman.

Batman vs Superman Costume 4

Lex Luthor’s costume was also on display with Louis Lane as well.

Batman vs Superman Costume 5

The sad to see dead Robin costume was on display too. In case you’re not a comic book nerd (like I am), in one series of Batman comics, the Joker beats Robin to death and writes this on his chest for Batman to find him. It’s pretty messed up and I was surprised to see it in Batman v Superman.

Robin Costume

As you tour the exhibit there are plenty of photo opportunities you can take part in. For exaple, you can hold a giant piece of Kryptonite. It’s not heavy I promise you!

Krptonite Hold

The one thing I’m sure you’ll be excited to see is the costumes and props from the Suicide Squad. I couldn’t get enough of Harley Quinn’s costume.

Harley Quinn Costume 1

Harley Quinn Costume back

It looks amazing from the front and back! They also had all her props too!

Harley Quinn Costume Mallet

I’m obsessed with this gun and I don’t even like guns in any way! I just love that it says hate, love, etc when the chamber on the gun moves.

Harley Quinn Gun

They have all the costumes from the squad and more on display, but the main attraction has to be the Joker’s costume and props.

Suicide Squad Joker Costume

His gun is pretty amazing as well.

Suicide Squad Joker Gun

Joker License Plate

You can actually stand inside Harley Quinn’s sell and against the wall the actual squad stood in front of for their group shot.

Suicide Squad Cell

You see the wall above? That’s the wall in the picture below! How cool is that?!

Suicide Squad Poster

I have never been more excited to be locked up before. Harley Quinn must be rubbing off on me!

Suicide Squad Cell Pics

This is just one part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. You get a whole tour of the studio and see other amazing props from movies like Harry Potter and more! I even took my family on the tour after our wedding 2 years ago since I love this tour so much!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to get the whole Hollywood experience, you can’t leave LA with out going on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.

Visit their website to book your tickets now! You can also get all the up to date info on the tour by following them on  TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Thanks again for having me WB Studio Tour! Love you guys!