90’s Throwback Teen and Tamagotchi Themed Mommy & Me Costume!

Hey All!

With Halloween just a week or so away, we’re taking this week to share some last minute Halloween Costume ideas and DIYs. Today we’re sharing this fun 90’s Throwback Teen and Tamagotchi Themed Mommy & Me Costume! I know when I was a teen I totally dressed this way and walked around taking care of my Tomagotchi all day long. I took great care of that little virtual pet! Now I get to dress up my baby like a Tamagotchi and carry him around. This costume is so fun and easy to do.

You only really have to make the baby’s costume. They mommy costume is just getting some 90’s themed clothing and accessories, which are so in right now. If you have any in your closet you can use those too!

Here’s how to make and put everything together. Sorry I didn’t take some in process photos because I was in a rush to get these all done. But I’ll share in great detail how to make the Tamagotchi.

For the Baby’s Costume:

For the Mommy Costume:

  • This Mickey Mouse Club Shirt
  • You can Mickey Mouse Club Shorts, Sweater, or Jacket! These are all part of their Throwback Disney collection.
  • The jeans I have are out of stock but I found THESE and THESE that are similar and can work
  • I have THESE sneakers but you can use any pink sneakers
  • These EARRINGS
  • The Mickey Boom Box fanny pack is currently only available in the park but you can keep checking shop Disney or use any fanny pack and it will work.
  • Hair Scrunchie or Rainbow Headband

So first you Download THIS FREE PRINTABLE with the Tamagotchi Screen and Accent Images. You print it onto Cricut Printable Vinyl.

You then cut out all the pieces you just printed with your scissors. You then cut a piece of cardboard into an egg shape. You then cut a piece of the purple felt fabric so it’s about 4 inches wider than your cardboard egg shape. You want the fabric to be able to reach the back of the egg, so you can glue it to the cardboard back.

You then hot glue all the edges to the back of the cardboard egg and leave one space open. You fill it with poly fill to give it that puffy egg look. Close up the last hole by pulling the piece to the back of the egg and gluing it to the back of the cardboard. Place some glue dots with hot glue onto the back of the egg and cut pieces of fabric to be the straps for the egg.

We did our egg almost like a back pack he can wear. You then glue the straps to the velcro dots. Lastly you stick on the printed vinyl pieces you cut out. That’s it! You’re done with the tomagotchi baby costume.

For the mommy costume you can just find the pieces I linked above or head to a thrift store or use any 90’s look clothing you have in your closet.

I’m obsessed with this Mickey Boom Box fanny pack!

You remembers having these on every shirt you wore when you were younger? I love these t-shirt rings!

Wear what ever you can get that looks super 90’s and work it with your baby Tamagotchi.

Disneyland and Shop Disney have a bunch of cute 90’s clothing and accessories you can get right now. That’s where I got 99% of what I’m wearing for my costume.

It’s such a fun, easy, and comfortable costume for you and your baby or little one to wear for Halloween!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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