After School Snack Time!

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Thanks to Stonyfield® Organic for sponsoring this post!

Hey All!

As we stay safer at home, we’ve started online schooling for our bubbly baby. He’s such a big boy now! I know! We structure our day like a typical school day complete with after school snack time. He only goes to school half the day, so he has an afternoon snack. My bubbly boy’s go-to after school snack is Stonyfield® Organic yogurt pouches and smoothies. They are the perfect portable snack for snacking anywhere, any time. We love them for snack time and to take them out for our family walks as well. We love Stonyfield Organic pouches and smoothies in particular because they are always organic, contain live and active cultures, are a good source of calcium and like everything at Stonyfield, they are Good on Purpose.

We also love their products because they want their products to be good for you, good for the planet, and good for your taste buds. They have organic ingredients and irresistible flavors like Strawberry Banana Kids Smoothies, Very Berry Kids Smoothies, and Strawberry Banana Pouches. Those are our flavors of choice!

Stonyfield Organic Kids pouches, cups, tubes and smoothies are also great for backyard or poolside fun!

In case you didn’t know, Stonyfield is USDA Organic & Non-GMO project verified. They have no toxic persistent pesticides, artificial growth hormones, or antibiotics in their products. There are also no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors.

When school is done, I put out his Stonyfield Organic Smoothies and Pouches for his snack time. This is his “How am I going to eat all of these at one time?” face.

Whenever we’re having afternoon snack, we also have some free playtime.

We snack and play at the same time. He’s always reaching his little arm to grab one of his yogurt treats.

He loves to twist off the caps to the pouches. He twists them on and off.

As you can see, the Stonyfield Organic Smoothies and Pouches are the perfect size for little hands.

He can easily fit these in his hands and sip on them as he plays.

They really are the best and easiest after school snack for kids of all ages. I even enjoy one every so often! Don’t tell my boy!

He keeps tabs on his favorite snacks. He wouldn’t want mama to eat them up. We only give the best snacks to our baby boy and Stonyfield® Organic yogurt pouches and smoothies are just that. I love to support companies that make products that are made with quality ingredients and also that are mindful of the environment. We love supporting eco-conscious brands. This company is definitely doing their best to help the world be a better place for our kids!

Can Stonyfield Organic yogurt save the world? No, but if it is made with high quality ingredients and not harmful pesticides it could help save this bubbly mama when things turn hangry. Stonyfield is also Good on Purpose by helping protect families from pesticides on parks and fields with the StonyFIELDS #playfree Initiative.

Stonyfield Organic has helped to bring organic model fields to over 1 million kids and counting! How amazing is that? We love enjoying brands for snack time that help the environment. You too can join the StonyFIELDS Initiative! Learn more at

If you’re looking for an amazing after school snack for your kids this school year, I highly recommend you try Stonyfield® Organic yogurt smoothies and pouches! You can CLICK HERE to find their products near you!

Thanks again to Stonyfield® Organic for sponsoring this post!

Thanks for supporting amazing brands like this one that help keep Brite & Bubbly going.