Can We Talk & Fab Friday Finds!

Jelly Beans Harry Potter

Heading To #honeydukes at @unistudios to pick up some Jelly Beans!

Hey All!

We made it to the weekend and thank the lord, because this week was INSANE and not in a good way! I always try to keep myself and this site positive and in always Brite and Bubbly fashion, but this week took me through a ringer. In the words of the late great Joan Rivers, CAN WE TALK? I need a day to vent and here is why. Just to give you a taste of all that happened this week. The bank deposited my checks into some strangers bank account! You read that right. She literally typed in the wrong number, even though my deposit slip had the correct info on it. Some else was celebrating with my hard earned money and I had to essentially spend two days trying to get them to fix it. I go to my other bank to deposit money and my debit card pin doesn’t work. Essentially banks were seriously Regina Georging on me this week! Then one of my packages filled with Oh Joy For Target products went missing, Mister Pink the Dog got sick and so did my husband! And I can go on and on about what else happened which caused me to get behind in work and all my Saint Patty’s Day posts, but I’ll stop there. I just wanted to give you a taste of what we have to deal with on top of a family, doing everything for this blog, and you know everything else that comes with life. Thankfully, I have all of you amazing followers to support me and bring me up. It was amazing to see I had a bunch of new followers join our Brite and Bubbly adventures over on Instagram! So happy to have you join the #BBubblySquad! Best thing to happen this week aside from my Care Bears shoes!

So, thanks so much for all support and love I constantly feel from all you amazing people out there! It makes such a difference when it’s rough times here in the real world. You lift me up and always make me smile! You get me back to my Brite and Bubbly self with every nice comment and word of encouragement. You’re the best and I just wanted to say thanks a million!



I’m off today to go Jelly Bean shopping at my favorite candy home away from home Honey Dukes at Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Nothing makes the end of a bad week great like candy! Now on to my fab finds!

These Care Bears shoes are the best thing ever! They have a whole Care Bears Line at Iron Fist Clothing!

Care Bear Shoes


These are the DIY cutest cake boxes ever!

90’s Kids Can Remember All of these!

I need these bunnies for Easter!

Bunny Cake Toppers for the win!

These Cactus Eggs are amazing!

I had to have this Strawberry Ice Cream Tea Kettle!

A DIY Emoji Bean Bag Chair! Yes please!

These are my new dream shoes. Ice Cream Truck Shoes!

You need some Kiss Kiss Wink Wink Easter Eggs!

Don’t forget to print your your Saint Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Hunt Coloring Maps!

Have a Healthy Shamrock Shake!

That’s all folks! Stay tuned as we launch our Easter Content next week! And we’ll be finishing up Saint Patrick’s Day today!

Have a great weekend! Until next week!