DIY Retro Gameboy Game Mommy & Me Costume!

Hey All!

Today I’m sharing my final Halloween Costume of the season and it’s so bittersweet to type that. Halloween is my favorite Holiday and if you’ve been following us for some time you know it’s a big deal here on the blog. It kicks off the holidays, which is our favorite time of year! I’m so sad to be finishing up Halloween this week, but I’m excited to get kicking with the holiday DIY’s! So I now present you with our Gameboy inspired Mommy and Me costume! How fun is this costume folks? It’s super easy to make and a great last minute Halloween costume idea for Moms and little ones.

The mom is the gameboy aka GAME MOM and the baby is the game cartridge aka GAME BABY.

Each costume actually says Game Baby and Game Mom on them! How cute is that?

Here is how to make it!

First you DOWNLOAD This FREE PRINTABLE. You can use any grey dress for this or a grey jumpsuit would be cute as well. You can even do this on a grey t-shirt. For the mom costume you cut out a large plus sign from the thick black craft foam. You also cut out two red circles, one small one inch red circle, three grey rectangular round edge pieces, six black rectangular round edge pieces, and one large grey square for the screen.

You hot glue all the felt pieces onto the dress like you see in these pictures. You then print out your printable pieces onto your sticker paper and printable vinyl.

Cut each piece out and stick the pieces as you see in the pics above.

For the baby costume you cut out a grey square piece of craft foam with one left corner cut out. You round the edges of this piece as well.

You then print the free printable download and stick it onto the grey craft foam square to make the cartridge. Stick some velcro dots to the back of the cartridge with some hot glue and hot glue some black ribbon to the velcro. That’s how your baby can wear it.

Super simple to make as I said before!

You can wear this by yourself as well for a Halloween party and have the cartridge be your accessory! It’s much cuter with a baby of course! This would be perfect for a toddler who is already walking.

I love my little cute game baby! Such a fun Halloween Costume DIY!

I hope you love it just as much as I do!

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