Easy DIY Mickey Sponges!

Hey All!

Hope you’re staying safe at home and are doing well. I know we’re all doing the best we can during these crazy times. Since we’re spending so much time at home, it’s given me a lot of time to focus on doing things around the house. As I clean or do the dishes (which I hate doing), I always wished I could have some cute sponges to do it. Thankfully I figured out how to make some and thought I would share this fun and easy DIY with you today! Check out these super cute and easy to make DIY Mickey Sponges.

How cute are these folks? I love them and so does my son. We have so much fun doing the dishes together with these Mickey Sponges.

If you’d like to make some for yourself, here is how to make them:

To make these you’ll take your pencil and trace out the mickey head shapes onto the compressed sponge sheet.

Next you’ll cut out the Mickey head shapes with your scissor.

Place the Mickey head sponges under water and watch them expand!

They go from flat to like a half an inch thick. They have the average thickness of a standard sponge except these are cute Mickey Sponges!

These are fun for kids to use to help do the dishes with. It makes washing the dishes so much for fun.

You can use them for dishes, cleaning, what ever you’d like to use your sponges on.

Seeing them rise from a flat piece into a sponge is so much fun. My son loves to dunk them in the water and watch them grow.

These will surely be a big hit with your kids or if you’re a big Disney fan! It’s such a fun and easy DIY to make.

I hope you enjoy these cute DIY Mickey Sponges just as much as I do!

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