Ending Our Summer With Some Scrapbooking & Fun!

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Hey All!

With summer coming to an end and my bubbly baby going to start pre-school soon, we wanted to send this summer off with a little at-home talent show. My baby wanted to show off his piano skills and put on a little show for his mama. We love to put on little musical numbers at home. We love to drink our Tampico ZERO Citrus Punch & ZERO Mango Punch as he performs!

If you’ve been following us all summer, you’d know by now that Tampico has been our drink of choice this summer and we love to sip on it when we’re having a fun time as a family.

Even the baby loves his Tampico, since he’s gotten to try some sips of each flavor we’ve gotten this summer.

What makes Tampico ZERO Citrus Punch & ZERO Mango Punch different from the regular versions of these is these are made with zero sugar! You read that right folks! These have zero sugar! Tampico is really a positively irresistible juice drink that makes our family’s life more colorful!

Since this drink has ZERO sugar, we can sip on it and enjoy it with out having to worry drinking away our calories. It’s the perfect drink to toast to a great summer!

I also love the flavors of orange, tangerine, and lemon these drinks have. I digress…

Before I get back to my baby’s little musical number, I wanted to share I finally finished our summer scrapbook!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been documenting our summer adventures as part of the Summer Scrapbook Challenge with Tampico. I posted about our Outdoor Summer Explorations, a DIY Fruit Patch Lunch Tote, and some Easy Tropical Punch Cupcakes. I’ve created a scrapbook full of all our favorite summer memories!

These are some of the pages of our scrapbook starting off with our outdoor bug hunt at the start of the summer.

Our lunch bag DIY project…

Our summer fruit punch cupcake recipe…

And we’re ending it with a fun musical show! It’s been a sweet summer and I’m so happy I have this cute book to remember it with. I of course had to add some embellishments to my scrapbook to make it feel like me and my family.

The baby and I love to sit and look at it together. He loves to look at books and turn the pages.

I’m definitely going to be making scrapbooks from now on of all our adventures as a family. It’s been so much fun to do!

To celebrate a summer well had, we played some songs on his little piano! He’s very product of his little piano and drums!

He can sit and play on it all day if you let him!

We’ll enjoy our Tampico drinks as he puts on a show! It’s so much fun for all of us! I love that I have a baby who’s like his mama and loves to put on a show. I used to perform shows for my parents when I was a kid. I would sing and dance. I love that he’s taken to his musical instruments.

I’m so happy we can have these moments together as a family. I’m thrilled for this amazing summer we had together and I’m sad it’s coming to an end. I am looking forward to this holiday season and the many amazing summers to come!

I hope you enjoyed following along during our summer adventures with Tampico!

You too can create your own Summer Scrapbook to close out your summer and take the Challenge with Tampico to keep track of all of the colorful moments you and your family had this summer!

You can find more info on Tampico at tampicoiscolor.com.

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