A Halloween Filled Week & Happy Friday!


Hey All!

Yay! It’s Friday! It was a very busy and Halloween filled week, in case you couldn’t tell by all our Halloween posts and the Halloween themed events we attended. We have plenty more Halloween fun to come, so no worries about us running out of fun ideas. We’ve got another busy working weekend, but we are definitely taking a quick break to camp out for the opening of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! I have been waiting for months for this place to open and I’m sooooo excited it’s finally opening! We went to the Queen Mary Dark Harbor Media Day event yesterday and I had a blast. I hope you enjoyed the little preview of it on my Instagram Stories. Next week we’re launching our most colorful and cutest Lisa Frank Halloween and 80’s and 90’s throwback inspired goodness and you don’t want to miss it! Oh and there will be some Stranger Things thrown in there too! I’m obviously obsessed with that show. Can you tell by the tee above? LOL. Until next week, here are my fab finds of the week!

This Barb shirt is the best thing ever. I’m wearing it like all the time! I can’t tell you how many people complimented me on it last night at the Queen Mary.

Only the best Halloween Cake Ever! Did you check it out?

Three words! Halloween Cake Ever!

Before our mess of Pumpkin DIY’s Launch next week, Did you see our Pokemon Pumpkins?

We were interviewed and featured over on SheSpeaks! Check it out!

This sprinkles costume is the BEST!

Too cute! A Croissant Baby!

These are the cutest cassette tapes ever!

I’m living in this fur scarf once it’s no longer like 100 degrees outside!

Speaking of fur, these furry sandals are the bomb!

These burger and fry pins are the cutest!

Can we say this Avocado purse is amazing? YES!

I gotta have these iridescent jeans!

We finally made it onto Buzzfeed!

And that’s all folks!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!