Having A Virtual Mother’s Day Cocktail Celebration!

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This post is sponsored by Drinkworks® Home Bar by Keurig®! Content for 21+ Please enjoy responsibly.

Hey All!

Mother’s Day is coming up soon and I personally am not going to let the day pass me by without celebrating my mom, all my mama friends, and myself! I’m having a virtual Mother’s Day cocktail celebration at home with my amazing new Drinkworks® Home Bar by Keurig®. What this means is I’ll be doing some video chats with my mom and all my mama besties while sipping on some cocktails.

Thankfully the Drinkworks Home Bar is the perfect at home bar system to do this with! I’m obsessed! It’s the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever gotten! A Drinkworks Home Bar is the perfect way to elevate your Mother’s Day celebrations! If you’re a mom that loves cocktails and are 21 years and older, you’re going to love this!

Also, if you are looking for a great Mother’s Day gift for a special mother or yourself that can be delivered, this is the gift idea for you!

It’s easy to use, affordable, and most importantly, delivers high-quality drinks that you’d expect to find at a bar! I never thought I could have a drink as good as this at home!

It is super easy to set up and comes with a great quick start guide to follow. With these instructions I had my Mother’s Day Drinkworks Home Bar Cart set up within 15 minutes.

Drinkworks Home Bar uses these premium cocktail pods (see above) to craft delicious, bar-quality drinks in under a minute. Each tube you see above has 4 cocktail pods in it. These are just some of the flavors you can get. There are more than 20 drinks available – spritzers, cocktails, ciders to choose from! I need to get my hands on the Mojito pods ASAP, as that is my favorite drink! Each pod is liquid-filled and contains real ingredients and natural flavors, including the alcohol. Yes folks! These are alcoholic drink pods! They include only premium alcohol and mixers in each pod. Keep that in mind when you use them! These are NOT non-alcoholic drinks.

My second favorite drink is the Margarita and I’m so thrilled I have these pods to celebrate Mother’s Day with. I, of course, had to do a Mother’s Day test run to make sure I have my cocktails and virtual chatting set up for my celebration.

I cut up some limes, got some cute gift tag “For You” napkins (since this is a gift for myself), and got my fun cactus Margarita glasses out.

I set it up on my bar cart with a cute “MOM” banner. It’s my little Mother’s Day drink station.

I turned on my Drinkworks Home Bar and pressed start…

I filled the water tank with water and ice…

Inserted my Margarita pod…

And just like that I had an ice-cold delicious Margarita!

It’s beyond fast and easy to make drinks with a Drinkworks Home Bar! I can’t wait to use it for a party one day! It’s an awesome solution for celebrating at home.

It’s also very cost efficient. If you’re on a budget right now, this will save you a lot of money on drinks in the long run. Each drink you make with Drinkworks Home Bar costs a lot less than you’d pay in a club or bar.

You also won’t need to buy all of those expensive mixers or keep a full bar stocked to ensure you have the right ingredients or cocktails to enjoy your favorite drinks.

I’m so ready for my Mother’s Day virtual celebration. I will be enjoying my fabulous Margaritas and cocktails while I chat with my mom and besties. I know they are going to be a little jealous of my drinks, but I’ve been telling them to get a Drinkworks Home Bar of their own for Mother’s Day, so we can all sip together. I’m hoping they do!

Cheers to all my fellow moms out there who will be sipping on some cocktails and enjoying some awesome virtual mom company on Mother’s Day! Don’t let Mother’s Day pass you by without doing something fun for yourself!

If you’d like to snag yourself or a special Mom in your life a Drinkworks Home Bar , you can snag it along with the pods HERE! It’s simple and easy to do, simply purchase directly through my link and Save $50 off the retail price of $299 for a purchase price of $249 with affiliate link offer.

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