It Just Got Easier To Have A Perfect Movie Night!


Hey All!

As we are movie fanatics we’ve learned 3 Ways to Prepare for our Perfect Movie Night!

First we make our favorite Pop Secret popcorn…


As in confetti aka rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate drizzed Pop Secret popcorn…


Then we get our favorite drinks of Lemonade and Ginger Ale…


And we set it all up on our coffee table and get ready to pick a movie to watch.


Picking a movie to watch from either our BluRays, Movie Channels, Rentals, or streaming movie services is our 3rd step and it’s always the most difficult part of out Movie Nights.

Luckily we recently discovered the new Find Your Critic tool created by Pop Secret and one of of favorite sites Rotten Tomatoes. It helps you to never watch a mediocre movie again! Who wants to watch a mediocre movie right?


The tool helps you discover which Rotten Tomatoes critics share your similar tastes in films and it lets you follow their reviews and movie recommendations. It essentially helps you find the best movies for you.


To use the tool you simply have to log in with your facebook profile, Rate a series of 12 movies using the Find Your Critic tool, and then it will then match you up with your Rotten Tomatoes movie critics as it compares your ratings with those of other Rotten Tomatoes critics. It uses your answers to find the best fit for you.


Once you do those simple steps you’re done and you have found your critic. I found it super simple and easy to use and it can help you find a great movie to watch on your movie nights. It helped us find a great movie tonight and it’s now our new 3rd step to having a perfect movie night.

We’re going to be using this awesome tool from now on for our movie nights! It really does make our movie nights as easy as 1, 2, 3!


At Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. That’s why we created the Find Your Critic tool with Rotten Tomatoes. It helps you figure out which movie critics you should listen to. All you have to do is rate some movies and the tool figures out which critics share your taste in movies. It even helps you follow your critics’ new movie reviews and recos. So when it comes to enjoying movies, the only thing you have to worry about is which kind of Pop Secret to make. Check it out!


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