Keeping Myself Wired For The Holidays!


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The holidays are around the corner and even though I’m already on the internet working on the blog or our social channels, I’m usually online even more for the holidays. I do a fair amount of our online shopping and holiday planning with family online. Thankfully, Frontier Internet keeps me and my family wired and ready to enjoy the holidays together. Having great internet is amazing all year long, but during this time it’s even more important to me. You want to be able to make those purchases, upload holiday photos, and download holiday music and never worry about your Internet connection. High Speed Internet service from Frontier lets you connect at lightning-fast speeds.

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I can make my holiday cards with out having to worry about whether or not it will take me hours to do on a slow internet connection. I know I can upload our holiday photos and be done with our holiday cards in a flash with Frontier Internet.

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All you have to do is choose from one of their High-Speed Internet or Satellite service plans in order to get this awesome service. Once you have the service, you can then enable Wi-Fi from a central location in your home. This will allow you to wirelessly browse, send, upload or download practically anything you and your family needs from any of your wifi connected devices! It’s also a 100% Fiber Optic Network, which takes your internet to a whole new level with speeds as fast as 1 Gigabit. It’s pretty awesome! This Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection moves your data at the speed of light, so there’€™s no lag, buffering or dropped connections when you are streaming and gaming.

I know we’re going to need the best connection we can get during this busy holiday season and it’s great to know Frontier Internet has me covered!

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