Six Tasty Homegating Products!

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. Looking for some fun treats for your homegating watch parties. Check out these six tasty products!

Homegating Products

Hey All!

I know everyone loves to tailgate and go to the big games. It’s a big thing especially in football towns. I’m a homebody and I prefer homegating! If you don’t know what homegating is, it’s essentially just tailgating at home. I like to make myself (or my guests coming over to watch the game) a spread of things to munch on as we watch the big games. Thanks to this amazing box I got from partnering with BabbleBoxx, I found six products that I love enjoying while I’m homegating. I always discover the most amazing brands thanks to Babbleboxx.

I wanted to share those products with you today, because I feel like they may help with your own homegating as well.

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First and Second are Sabra Classic Hummus and Sabra Spicy Hummus! I love to make finger food platters and I use this hummus as the dip for those platters.

I made this fun football themed platter filled with pita chips, crackers, and pretzels to dunk into it. The Sabra Spicy Hummus almost tastes like a yummy salsa. It goes perfect with all my crunchy favorite snacks.

You can do that platter with the Sabra Spicy Hummus or with the Sabra Classic Hummus. Some folks don’t like spicy food and it also works perfectly for this themed platter. If you don’t have a football themed platter, you can easily use a cutting board like this one I made below.

Homegating Products

Sabra hummus is my favorite to use for these platters because it is so creamy smooth. It comes in delicious flavors that make a satiating, craveable snack that delights taste buds!

It is highly versatile and such a convenient dip that pairs perfectly with all your favorite foods or snacks. Sabra Classic Hummus also fits a variety of diets and lifestyles, so you know you’ll be covering all your guests’ needs. It’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO. Highly recommend it!

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Third up is: Act II Spicy Popcorn. If you like spicy, this is the popcorn for you! ACT II is bringing the HEAT with this awesome new Hot & Spicy microwave popcorn. I love to pour it in a big bowl or put it in mini bowls to serve to my guests.

Homegating Products Act 2 Popcorn

It works perfectly either way! ACT II Hot & Spicy has bold, spicy flavor for a NEXT-LEVEL snack! And I mean NEXT-LEVEL!

Homegating Products Act 2 Popcorn

I LOVE spicy food, so I’m all about it! It’s made with fluffy, 100% whole grain popcorn kernels that pop up in bold red color and a spicy flavor builds with every bite! It’s the perfect homegating snack to munch on as you watch the big game!

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Fourth is Roland® Organic Black Truffle Oil! I can make so many amazing recipes with this. One of my favorites to make is truffle parmesan potatoes. They are super easy to make and taste great.

Homegating Products

Just sprinkle some of this oil on the potatoes with some parmesan and parsley and a pinch of salt. So much yum as you watch the game!

Homegating Products

I’m obsessed with Roland® Organic Black Truffle Oil! It works with any dish and goes particularly well drizzled over any potato dish, risotto, pasta, soup, or roasted vegetables. It is organic extra virgin olive oil infused with an unmistakable truffle aroma and includes pieces of organic black summer truffles in every bottle. It’s a must have for making any homegating recipes!

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Fifth is the Banquet Country Fried Chicken MEGA Meal! When I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen making what we’ll munch on for the game, I’ll pull out a Banquet Country Fried Chicken MEGA Meal. It is perfect for anyone with a hearty appetite. This delicious microwave meal contains two country fried white meat chicken patties with Southern gravy and bacon macaroni and cheese.

Homegating Products

It’s so much yummy goodness in one! The Banquet Country Fried Chicken MEGA Meal has a delicious country flavor! With 30 grams of protein, this generously portioned meal is sure to satisfy your chicken cravings!

Homegating Products

The best part is it’s ready in the microwave in just minutes! Another homegating must have!

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And last but not least is the Roland® Fig Jam! After a long night of homegating, we all need a good breakfast to get over that game night fun. I love to use this Fig Jam as a spread for a breakfast. My favorite things to spread it on are English muffins and banana walnut muffins.

Homegating Products

It’s a light and fresh honeyed fig flavor with sweet finishing notes and a pleasant crunch from the seeds of the figs. So much yum in every bite! Roland® Fig Jam is imported from Italy and has only five simple ingredients. It is 65% figs with acacia honey and contains no high fructose corn syrup. It’s great for Charcuterie boards alongside cheese and crackers, on toast, biscuits, as a topper for thumbprint cookies and other holiday treats, and more!

Homegating Products

I hope you love these products for homegating just as much as I do!

Thanks again to BabbleBoxx for sponsoring this post!

Thanks to you for supporting the amazing brands like this one who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!