Verizon FiOS For The New Year! #SomosFiOS

This is part of sponsored campaign as part of an Ambassador program for Verizon FiOS. I am also sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.


Hey All!

Did you know that today Verizon FiOS is enabling Internet speeds up to 500/100 Mbps. They also offer 485+ TV channels with mobile capabilities, Digital phone quality with 99.9% network reliability, and Fiber optics will allow FiOS to deliver the power and capacity of a virtually unlimited bandwidth connection. This is essential for our super–connected lives today.  We all spend hours on the internet, so it’s only right to have the best possible connection around.

No one likes to wait yet Americans have the average Internet download speed of 7.8 Mbps. That’s fine for email and online shopping, but for anything else, it’s pretty disappointing. With FiOS, typical customers enjoy download speeds of 50 Mbps, awesome for streaming movies, playing games and in home with 2-3 devices running at the same time.

Everyone in your household has a few devices—and a huge need for Internet connectivity. With FiOS Quantum Internet, you can all jump on and off the Web as you please and without interruption, 24/7. It’s perfect for a home with multiple devices on the Internet—playing games, downloading music and streaming movies at the same time.

Right now Verizon FiOS is offering a great deal that is only good until 1/8/14. You can get FiOS TV, Internest and Home Phone for as little as $74.99 and a $300 Visa Prepaid Card when you sign up for a 2 year agreement.

somos fios

It’s a great deal! Through the 100% fiber-optic network that powers FiOS, you get a level of speed and capacity that cable can’t always compete with—especially when it comes to upload speeds.

Verizon FiOS has the hottest TV shows and movies that you can watch on your own time with Video On Demand. You can also watch Live TV on your tablet featuring popular FiOS channels like Nickelodean, HBO, Cartoon Network, Bravo and the Food
Network all on your Apple iPad® Android device or Kindle Fire with the Verizon FiOS mobile app.

Verizon FiOS enables entertainment that connects people during the holidays. That’s powerful. Start your New Year off right with America’s fastest, most consistent and most reliable Internet.

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