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When I was growing up my family instilled in me the importance of going to school and learning at an early age. I knew that getting an education would help me to achieve the goals I wanted to in life. Yes school could be hard at times, but learning has always been something that I always truly enjoyed. I’m always trying to learn new things. I firmly believe that people should never stop learning. There is no rule that says once you become an adult that you have to stop learning.


Learning is fun and it can make a real difference in a persons life. It’s even more important to instill this message of learning in children. I know I’ve done this for my own family today. This message is truly showcased in a short documentary about Niemes Elementary.

Check it out in the video below:

This school is part of Verizon Innovative Learning Schools. Through the “One-to-One” Program, which assigns a tablet to every student, technology has been integrated into the classroom, making the learning experience more effective and fun. This is such a fantastic program as it gives kids the opportunity to learn on technology they otherwise might not have access to at home.


The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) program was designed to support teachers as they increase the use of mobile technology in today’s classrooms in ways that align with the ISTE Standards, the country’s most commonly used technology standards describing digital-age learning experiences.


In supporting effective classroom integration of mobile technology, the program also hopes to increase student interest and improve student performance in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Twelve elementary, middle and high schools participated in the program launch during the 2012–2013 academic years, and VILS expanded into an additional 12 schools in 2013–2014, now reaching 200 teachers and 11,000 students. Three-fifths (63 %) of students in VILS schools are enrolled in free/reduced lunch programs. VILS is a comprehensive, ongoing teacher training program focused on integrating mobile technology into classroom instruction. Classrooms that implemented VILS resources and training were observably different from classrooms that did not implement VILS resources and had measureable differences in student attitudes toward technology implementation and student achievement.


VILS students reported that they were more likely than their non-VILS peers to expect to both attend college and major in a STEM field.


VILS students reported that they had higher interest in both math and science and more frequent use of various technology tools, including computers, mobile phones and tablets. VILS students were more likely to agree that “using technology tools in science and math” makes those subjects more interesting. Verizon funds the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program which partners with administrators and teachers in underserved schools across the nation and provides them with a comprehensive, two year sequence of onsite and online professional development around leveraging mobile technology for teaching and learning.

Technology empowers us to build a better tomorrow. It’s great to have programs like this and Verizon’s #CreaFuturo initiative that seeks to recognize and celebrate those individuals impacting the future today.

It’s fantastic to know that programs like this exist to help empower the kids who will be our future. It’s just another reason why I love Verizon!

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