We Celebrated National Pancake Day With A Pancake Selfie!

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Hey All!

Have you had a chance to stay at the Holiday Inn Express recently? If so you probably had a chance to check out their amazing pancakes machine! I’m obsessed with this machine as it makes a pancake in a minute flat. Yes you read that right! It makes a pancake for you in a minute flat. You don’t have to do anything but press the button that says OK to make your pancake. If you haven’t had a chance to experience their pancakes machine, you’re definitely missing out. It’s the best invention ever, because I love pancakes! I got the chance to experience this machine on none other than National Pancake Day and it was AWESOME!

This is what the machine looks like below.


You can check it out in action below:

You can experience this machine by staying at a Holiday Inn Express or by catching the now touring Holiday Inn Express Pancake Express Selfie Truck in select locations. Yes, you reach that right. It’s a pancake SELFIE truck. They have the one minute pancake machines on display and they laser your selfie image on to the pancake. I mean who wouldn’t want their photo on a pancake?


The Holiday Inn Express Pancake Express Selfie Truck will visit 9 cities including: Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento. Holiday Inn Express wants to share a pancake selfie with as many people as possible! Everyone loves a hot breakfast; you’ll surely enjoy a personalized photo pancake! I caught up with the Selfie Truck this past weekend in Hollywood, CA on National Pancake Day. How else would I spend National Pancake Day right?


All I read was free pancakes with selfies and I was there!


Of course I would want to spend the day eating free pancakes and making a pancake with my selfie on it.


To make your pancake selfie at the Pancake Selfie Express truck, you first take a number to mark your place in line.


You then follow these steps…


First you snap a picture of yourself using their cell phone which is connected to their pancake selfie machine.


The helpers at the truck position your image on the shape of a pancake on a computer. The computer is connected to the laser machine that is inside the truck. It will laser your selfie image into your pancake.


You wait a minute or two and your #PancakeSelfie is done!


I was obsessed with my Pancake Selfie! I think it totally looks like me, Don’t you think? They also are giving out free t-shirts when you get your Pancake Selfie done.


Here is a close up of my Pancake Selfie. I think it totally captured my selfie image.


It’s such a cool thing to see and make. It’s also an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon, especially when it’s National Pancake Day! When you have your #PancakeSelfie, there is a side table to pick up a knife, fork, syrup, and napkins to enjoy eating your pancake with.


The Pancake Selfie Express Truck has revolutionized pancakes and selfies forever. I highly recommend you get out and tack this truck down so you can grab your free #PancakeSelfie! You can then share your photo to see it live on the @holidayinnexpress social channels and get the chance to win Holiday Inn Express swag. Track the Pancake Express Truck to find out when it will be in one of the selected cities near you! Holiday Inn Express is giving everyone the opportunity to fully personalize his or her breakfast and daily selfie!

Here are the dates for the remaining days of the tour below:


You don’t want to miss this opportunity, how many people can say they have had a selfie on a pancake? Not many.

For more info visit the Holiday Inn Express #PancakeSelfie website!

How did you spend National Pancake Day?

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