Feeling My Best For Summer With Vanity Fair Lingerie!


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With the warm Summer days ahead there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable as you hit the hot payment. For ladies in particular, There is nothing worse than having to do that in an uncomfortable bra. Yes bras can be uncomfortable and make you feel worse in the clothes you’re wearing than doing the opposite as they should be. Thankfully I was thrilled to have discovered Vanity Fair Lingerie some time ago thanks to the help of my lovely mother. I’ve never had a bad bra day since I started wearing these bras. I’m all about the function and the feel of my bras. It’s also a bonus that their bras are super cute as well.

The fabulous folks at Vanity Fair Lingerie were kind enough to send me some of their amazing new line of bras so I can feel and look my best for Summer. I was sent the Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoother Full-Figure Bra in Lilac Shadows, the Vanity Fair Cooling Touch Bra in Midnight Black, the Vanity Fair Beauty Back Strapless Bra in Rose Beige, the Vanity Fair Body Caress Bra in Ivory, and the Vanity Fair Light and Luxurious in Steele Violet. All of my favorite colors for bras! I now have a bra to match every outfit in my wardrobe.


They’ve taken bras up a notch in my opinion by creating the ultimate summer bra called the Cooling Touch Bra! It’s my new favorite bra folks! It’s made of a heat diffusing WinCool fabric that feels breathable and light when you wear it.  It helps you stay cool and courageous when the weather is no so pleasant outside. You need to be able to keep your cool especially when you’re wearing black on those Summer days. I have a ton of cute flower print cocktail dresses that I love to wear during the summer to events and I’m happy to know I now have the perfect bra to wear with it to keep me cool.


You always want to wear a bra that matches your outfit. For this floral and white print cocktail dress I would of course wear the Vanity Fair Body Caress Bra in Ivory.  The cut is very low down the sides so it doesn’t peek out of the sides of the dress, but at the same time it provides perfect coverage on the front and back. It also provides amazing support. The straps are thin as well which make it perfect for Summer dresses.


The Vanity Fair Beauty Back Strapless Bra in Rose Beige is the perfect bra to wear with those fun tank tops you love to wear during the Summer that keep you cool. This beachy print tank that I have is very low cut on the sides so this strapless bra works perfectly with it. It provides great coverage and support for the girls. I call my breasts the girls in case you didn’t know. 🙂


This Vanity Fair bra also helps you look your best when you’re wearing tube top one piece rompers or dresses. It features a double-knit fabric for back smoothing and stay-in-place silicone backings. It’s the best strapless bra I’ve ever had since I don’t have to worry about constantly having to pull it up like my previous strapless bras. This bra stays in place so all you have to worry about is having fun as you should be!


Almost all the Vanity Fair bras including this strapless have some adorable little details as well. For example this little gold bow on the strapless. It’s great to have a bra that not only looks good, but feels good as you’re wearing it.


The best feature on the Vanity Fair Bras is that they have high backs called “Beauty Back.” These back-smoothing wings, seamless cup designs and flat edges provide full-coverage all around for a flawless appearance under tops.


It slims down your back and smooths out anything unflattering if you know what I mean ladies. Having support in the back truly makes you feel comfortable and confident in anything you’re wearing from a dress to an ice cream cone t-shirt!


You can be confident that your girls and clothing will give you a great shape with these fabulous bras. Check me out below the Vanity Fair Body Caress Bra in Ivory. It’s perfect under my white tank and look at that shape it gives me! Love it! It’s the perfect Summer accessory for any outfit ladies!


Ladies if you’re tired of the not so flattering lingerie you’re currently wearing, I highly recommend you check out Vanity Fair Lingerie! I know I’m going to be looking and feeling my best this Summer thanks to Vanity Fair!


They also make some fabulous underwear briefs and slips/shape wear if you want the full flawless experience under your outfits this Summer!

If you want any of the bras mention here in this post, This is where you can find them:

The Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoother Full-Figure Bra can be found at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

The Vanity Fair Cooling Touch Full-Figure Bra can be found at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

The Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoother Full Coverage Bra can be found at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

The Vanity Fair Beauty Back Strapless Bra can be found at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

The Vanity Fair Light and Luxurious Bra can be found at Macy’s or Kohl’s.

Vanity Fair products can also be purchased at JCPenney’s and Sears and vanityfairlingerie.com!

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