Fun Road Trip Juegos!

Sponsored By Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers.

Hey All!

Spring and Summer is almost here and when the warmer weather comes, that begins the season of attending Quinceañeras and taking road trips to catch up with all those amigas I neglected during the holidays and the familia that we didn’t get a chance to see during the holidays. Road trips are a great way to for moms to connect with their pequeñitos aka little ones! We always create fun memories and moments inside on our road trips. All families need to take some vacaciones at least once a year and road trips are an easy way to do it.

I don’t like to drive, so my husband does. I’m usually in the back playing juegitos with the rest of the family and catching up. I always like to bring lots of games to play and treats to munch on during the trip, like Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers. These are always a hit with the kids porque son deliciosos. They are also fun to use as edible game pieces. The crackers can be used as a snack and game in one. It’s double the fun in one tasty treat!

Goldfish isn’t just another snack: it’s a fun, cute and playful snack that both parents and kids can enjoy. Yo sé que me encantan a los Goldfish crackers (The Snack that Smiles Back®). I’ve been eating them since I was a kid and it’s so amazing they are still around today to be passed down to my own family.

To keep the kids entertained, I bring a portable checkers board and I also make up fun printable games. For example, I made this super cute free printable emoji themed road trip board game for our upcoming road trip. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE, so your kids can have some fun with you on their road trip. You can print it on some cardstock and laminate it to use it multiple times. You and your kids will have algo para divertirse for the whole road trip!

We all know a happy muchachos in the car brings la paz para todos inside. You can play it with your kids if you’re sitting in the back or your kids can play it themselves. Cute emoji games can be enjoyed by both moms and their kids!

You play this fun little juegito by rolling the dice and using your Goldfish crackers as the game pieces to move your way across the board. With each emoji box your piece lands on, you can try to make the same funny face as your emoji or make a sound you think the emoji would be making. The first person to get their Goldfish cracker to the finish box is the winner. You can use Cheddar or our favourite Colors Cheddar. They are the cute and yummy rainbow Goldfish crackers! I packed ours in cute emoji matching snack bags of course.

You want your road trips to be a time for everyone in the car to enjoy their time together and nothing brings families together like having fun and eating their favourite treats! That connection and joy will be shown off when you arrive at your road trip destination.

How do you connect with your pequeñitos on your family vacaciones or road trips?

For more info on Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers visit their website.