Happy Friday From San Fran!

Hey All!

Time to toss the confetti! It’s the weekend and right now I’m in San Fransisco taking some meetings and visiting the Color Factory! The Color Factory is a rainbow paradise with the largest yellow ball pit in the history of ever. Be sure to follow me along on Instagram, as I’ll be sharing all the rainbow fun in my instagram stories. It’s been a very chill week thankfully and I’ve felt like I’ve been on vacation. I’ve just been vegging out and making cookies. Living the life folks stress free and it’s been glorious! I’ve also spent the week prepping for Halloween and we’re going to start making all this week and start launching out Halloween content in September! I can’t wait to share what we have planned! We have so many amazing things lined up! The above shot is from the Confetti Project shoot I took part in. It was so much fun! And before you ask, the dress is vintage sorry!

But here are my fab finds of the week!

I’m obsessed with this hearts jumper! Have to have it!

Need a tasty treat for Game of Thrones this weekend? Check Out this White Walker fluff dip!

How cute are these mini letter board invites!

Loving these DIY Daisy party hats!

Omg! Unicorn Macarons are the best!

Did you see our Rainbow Pretzels and Sugar Cookies we made this week?

Hello! I need this neon Hello sign!

Gotta have these glitter ankle boots!

And that’s it folks!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! See you next week or on Instagram!