Mickey Ghost & Mickey Pumpkin You’ve Been Booed Treat Bags!

Looking for a fun way to leave a “You’ve Been Booed” treat on someone door step? Check out these Mickey Ghost & Mickey Pumpkin “You’ve Been Booed” Treat Bags!

Hey All!

Since we can’t do trick-or-treating like we normally would this year, people have been leaving “You’ve Been Booed” Treat bags and baskets at peoples doorsteps. It’s a fun way to still give out treats to your friends, family and neighbors while keeping your social distance and keeping everyone safe. You just place your treat bag or basket on their door with a little note saying “You’ve been Booed!”, ring the door bell or knock, and run away so it’s a surprise. You can write note on the treat bag as well! To help you do you own Boo drops this year, I made these cute Mickey Ghost & Mickey Pumpkin “You’ve Been Booed” Treat Bags!

I’m all about the Mickey Ghost and Mickey Pumpkins this year, so I figured they would make adorable treat bags.

These are supppppperrrrr easy to make. Like under 10 minutes easy! If you have a Cricut Explore Cutting machine, you can do it even faster. Here is how to make them:

First you cut out your faces for the Ghost and Pumpkin Mickey with either your scissors or a Cricut Explore cutting machine. If you do it by hand, you can print and cut out the template and use the pieces as guide while you cut.

You’ll just cut them out and peel the back off and stick.

If you use the Cricut, you’ll use some clear vinyl transfer tape to place the vinyl faces onto the bags like one big sticker. Rub the vinyl flat. I use the tool from Cricut you see above, but you can just use some cardboard or anything hard and flat to make sure the vinyl sticks to the bags and flattens out.

You do the Mickey pumpkin face and the ghost face. You can make as many as you want.

You then cut out two white circles and two orange circles for each bag. I cut one side of the circles to give them a flat bottom like you see below.

Stick the ears onto each side of the bag right above the eyes with some glue dots.

Make as many ears as you need for each bag. The white for the Mickey ghost and the orange for the Mickey pumpkins!

That’s it you’re done!

Fill them with what ever treats and candy you’d like and get to Booing your friends, family, and neighbors. I’m filling mine with some Dunkaroos, Halloween Pretzels and Frosted Animal Crackers. Who wouldn’t love a Dunkaroo for Halloween?

I know I would love a Mickey Ghost Boo Bag with some Dunkaroos inside!

Hope you love these Halloween treat bags as much as I do!

Remember if you make these and share them on social media, please tag me @BriteandBubbly everywhere! I would love to see how yours came out and share it!

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