Our Back To School Routine With Mabel’s Labels!

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Hey All!

As we’re all gearing up for back-to-school time, I wanted to share with you a look at our back-to-school routine and how we stay organized around the house thanks to Mabel’s Labels. We love Mabel’s Labels because they are the easiest way to label everything from my son’s back-to-school gear to my lunch container and items around the home. They help keep us organized and also help prevent germy mix-ups and visits to the lost and found. Everyone knows what items belong to my son and I because of our labels from Mabel’s Labels!

We got this amazing Little Kid Back to School Combo that has a variety of amazing labels that are perfect for kids.

Our son loves trucks, so we got his labels made with a fun truck design. We got Preschool Shoe Labels that look like fun tractors and small rectangle labels with little tractors on them.

We also got Tag Mates Stick On Clothing Labels…

A Custom Clothing Stamp, Large Rectangle Labels, and some Bottle Bands! We use all of these for my son’s school.

For myself, I have the Household Labels for kitchen and Heart Shaped Name Labels! You can use the household labels to organize your entire kitchen!

Those are the variety of labels I use through out the day. I just wanted to give you a list of all the labels we use before I give you the run down on how we use them!

First we start our day by eating breakfast. As you can see above and below, these amazing kitchen labels keep all our food storage containers so well organized.

We then add labels to our lunch containers. I put a rectangle label on my sons lunch container. I let him choose which color and he places on the container himself.

He loves having an active roll in getting themselves ready for school. He also loves stickers, so it’s the best of both worlds!

I place a little Heart Shaped Name Label on my lunch container. It matches it perfectly, which I love!

He packs up his lunch bag, while I get my bag ready for work.

I also place a Heart Shaped Name Label on my water thermos! I love using labels for things like pantry items, fitness/gym items, key chain, bathroom, travel items, etc. These are perfect for busy Moms like myself!

Once our lunches are packed, we label any toys or items he wants to bring with him for school. We use the small rectangle labels for these.

We then put on his Preschool Shoe labels. They come with six pairs of labels, so you can place them on six shoes.

They also help our little one remember which shoe goes on which foot.

You can stick Mabel’s Labels on everything going to school, including backpacks, lunch gear, school supplies, hoodies, winter gear, shoes, sports gear, water bottles and more! They are so handy!

After we have our shoes ready, we get my son’s clothing and backpack ready.

We use the Tag Mates Stick On Clothing Labels or the Clothing Stamp on his clothes.

Once we’re done with clothes, we close up our bags and head off to start our day! Everything is labeled and we know the labels are secure through out the day. Mabel’s Labels are durable, waterproof, laundry-safe and microwave safe!

I highly recommend you get some for back to school time or to get yourself organized for the busy months ahead. The holidays are coming! Mabel’s Labels are completely personalized and easy to order. You can even get free shipping with no minimum spend!

If you’d like to check out Mabel’s Labels for yourself, Check out the Mabel’s Labels website HERE!

You’ll get to see for yourself just how much they can help with your daily routine or to get your home organized! Hope you love them just as much as I do!

Thanks again to Mabel’s Labels for sponsoring this post! Thank you for supporting amazing brands like this one that help keep this site going!



  • " target="_blank">Tara Pittman

    These labels are so cute. I really love the shoe labels and I need to get some for my granddaughter.

  • " target="_blank">Lyanna Soria

    Those labels look amazing and that sounds like a great idea to do. Labeling stuff definitely helps out in the organizing department

  • " target="_blank">Ladena

    I’ve always been a fan of Mabel’s Labels. I’ve found my son’s hoodies many times because of these labels. They are a lifesaver!