Free Printable 2020 Oscars Ballot!

Hey All!

Better late than never! If you’re still looking for a cute Oscars Ballot to print out and use as you watch the awards show today, Check out our 2020 free printable Oscar Ballot! This has become an annual tradition for us to create each year. We simply updated the ballot that we did last year. A free printable ballot is the perfect no cost addition to your Oscar viewing party! They are a must have especially if you’re having company over. You can hand them out to all your guests with some mini pencils. We aren’t having a big get together as we’re still unboxing the apartment. So it will just be us at home relaxing and munching on some tasty treats. I love to just watch with the family, make our guesses, and see how many we got right in the end.  Scroll down to print your ballot and check out some other Oscar Party ideas for treats and party decor too!

You can DOWNLOAD your 2020 Oscars Ballot HERE!

If you’re looking for some fun and easy to make Oscar Themed Treats:

Here are some Oscars Rice Krispies you can make.

Or some Popcorn Cupcakes.

You can also have some fun with this Awards Night Bingo you can download and print out too!

Need some fun Party Decorations ideas? Check out our fun Awards Night PartyAwards Night Party!

Have a fun Oscars Day everyone!